South Carolina Wrongful Death Attorneys

Serving Families of Wrongful Death Victims

The loss of a parent, spouse, child, or other loved one is always hard but especially hard when it happens because of the act and/or omission of another.  No amount of money can adequately compensate families for the pain and financial impacts resulting from the sudden and devastating loss of a loved one.  Even though wrongful death lawsuits can be difficult and emotionally exhausting, Young & Thurmond, LLC is committed to helping surviving family members hold those at fault fully accountable.  We carefully review every case and gather evidence so we can help grieving families prove liability and recover the damages that the law allows.  For assistance, please call us at (803) 649-0000 or email us below.

Wrongful Death Claims/Lawsuits

What Has to Be Shown?

When a person is killed or dies as a result of an act or omission which is legally considered negligence, gross negligence, or wrongdoing, a wrongful death claim and/or lawsuit can be brought on behalf of the deceased. Under South Carolina law, these claims consist of the following key factors:

  • Proving that the defendant contributed to the victim’s death
  • Proving the defendant’s negligence or liability
  • Proving that the victim’s death was a foreseeable result of the defendant’s actions or omissions
  • Proving that the victim’s family suffered damages from the defendant’s actions or omissions

What Damages Can be Recovered?

Wrongful Death cases are usually complex and require thorough, skilled legal representation.  The presentation of the damages which can be claimed and recovered on behalf of the family and surviving loved ones is a very important part of a wrongful death case.  The damages that may be recovered include the following:  

  • Present monetary value of the loss of the loved one
  • Medical expenses related to the victim’s death
  • Loss of the victim’s income
  • Pain endured by the victim before passing
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Emotional suffering and loss of support
  • Punitive damages where supported by the facts and legally justified

For assistance with a wrongful death case, please call us at (803) 649-0000 or email us below.